Friday, February 25, 2011

Apples takin it's music to the Cloud

So there have been a few blog, blurbs and quotes from various exes from the music game about the impact of the Cloud on the music business and most of them have not been disposed to it.  Pretty much the same reaction to every innovation in to this industry.  However, this should be last bell the majors get to hear before they get knocked out.

So along comes Apple and they are going to use the Cloud for iTunes.      Ok music business can we just stop with the I don't think so and get on to how can this help us, the artist and the fans without doing more damage to the one area that still drives 75 percent of the music business retail.
the big hold-ups to a streaming iTunes music service was the recording industry--it had been caught on the hop when Apple revolutionized the digital music industry and then stole control of huge chunks of the business right out from under the feet of those who thought they were in charge. Nervous about ceding more control of the next-gen in digital music services (streaming content from cloud-based systems) the recording industry is now wary.

BTW there were many others way before Apple they just have gotten the press and again I point out that vast majority of profits are still with physical good.  That is why NBN resigned with Tommy Boy in case your wonderin they aint 1 download rock/rap star. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Face it the Egyptian revolution was run on the Cloud!

During a panel discussion at the US Department of State on Friday the 11th entiled Open Communications: The Changing Media Landscape panelest Hadid Habbab, Creator of Alive in Eqypt, talked about the experiences of the people that where involved from a very peronal and historic point of view. FYI Up until Muburak resigned~ it was a hot potato to have him even speak because of the knowledge and role he and other free agents where having on the revolution.

Yes, he did talk about Facebook and Twitter and the roles they played. However, what stood out like a cloud on a sunny day was the role that google's resources played in the organization, communications, organization and response in the revolution. The ability to have documents, spreed-sheets, and other assets online 24/7 keep them informmed and it also keep Egyptian authorities from being able to snuff them out. No government has ever faced a group that used resources deployed across the planet and unless said government can shut down the whole internet there doen't seem to be a way to stop information when it's in the cloud.

Again, sure much is being made over the role of Twitter/Blogs some of which is now bouncing back and forth across blogs, facebook and, of course. twitter about this and are important to read and consider. It should, however, not be lost in this pile of digital trees that Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and all other socialmedia are cloud based services.

So!!! until we expand the field of vision to think Cloud we are only seeing a shadow of the impact of this revolution. IMHO It's full on uprising against the old computer ways. There is a quote from Hadid now making it way around the world: "Socialmedia just lowered the cost of revolution." Perhaps it should be~ The Cloud lowered the cost of revolution. Please, Let me know when it comes up.