Thursday, September 18, 2014

Advertisement on the Cloud, who's cloud?

Today with all of the talk about cloud the next question should be Advertisment on the Cloud, and how companies and individuals are leveraging new technologies from the Cloud itself to help content producers, bloggers, artists and companies monetize the Cloud.

One such company is JETCO Research, founded by Doug Humphrey, fame, and run by a great team that is "With this initial product, Jetco has developed a way through which micropayments are treated as “soft” payments and settlement does not have to occur immediately or at all, allowing the network to operate much more economically than a standard transaction processing system." Altavoz Pressrelease 

It is the advent of these new payment system, including #Bitcoin that are allowing new avenues of advertising that didn't exist even 5 years ago.  And with such rapid changes how are traditional advertising campaigns integrating Blogs, Social Media and Websites into their over aching placement plan. Because here's the deal the moment that these sites companies or individuals gets the crowd to fund them what's the point of using traditional media channels for companies toget their message out.

In part this blog post was inspired when I saw some local company to my home, DC, advertiments show up on Adsense Publisher properities that is run by and found it interesting that they had turned down a chance to have their ads show up on the very same pages;  However as physial ads ie, graphics videos, etc and be considered community Underwriters.

And! just remind us to remind us Who's Cloud are you on? If you don't know ask +Hastatus. LLC