Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ballmer bet MS's future on the Cloud what's your plan

Who's cloud are you on? Oh wait your not on the cloud then you might want to click the video above becuase the only way your not on the cloud is that you are locked into a mindset that said office was standalone.  I say that because .
 The only way you cannot be on the cloud is to stuck in a world of still emailing documents back and forth and collating changes when peer edited and reviewed. 
 The rest of the world has moved on it might be time for your company.  If you want to have someone from our organization give you a call please give us a call

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finnaly the real conversation about Cloud Computing begans.

"As we expand more into the cloud, we have told our providers that we want to use our tools and best practices, and we plan to extend them into your environment. For us this simplifies management significantly, and allows us to apply policies and standards across our entire infrastructure, no matter who is hosting it."   Article Link

This is a great point being made in Pete Privateer article and I recommend that you read the rest of it.   However for the point of this point this merging of internal practices with that of your cloud service provider because the real issue for many in making this transition and we are going to need to have many, many more blogs, videos and even conference or two  about it. .

US Govt expanding cloud coverage

 "The Government of the United States has been operating several of its many functions through the cloud for the past couple years and, according to several sources close to the federal administration, is looking to expand its coverage by the cloud.

According to experts involved in the running of some government functions in the US, increased implementation of cloud computing across the board could help the government to reduce the amount of duplicated work and functions across the administration. Also, a system-wide subscription would likely cost far less than separate deployment in each department."
Article Link

This is yet another signal about the power of this coming revolution....... of the Cloud.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How big is the Cloud? It can cause waves!

According to Gardner June 22, 2010 Press Release........Gartner Says Worldwide Cloud Services Market to Surpass $68 Billion in 2010
"We are seeing an acceleration of adoption of cloud computing and cloud services among enterprises and an explosion of supply-side activity as technology providers maneuver to exploit the growing commercial opportunity," said Ben Pring, research vice president at Gartner. "The scale of application deployments is growing; multi-thousand-seat deals are increasingly common. IT managers are thinking strategically about cloud service deployments; more-progressive enterprises are thinking through what their IT operations will look like in a world of increasing cloud service leverage. This was highly unusual a year ago."

Link to Gardner

That number is big enough to impress us.  If your not planning some cloud presence then you might want to ask why so many other companies and governments are moving their whole computing operations on to it.

According to Forbes "Today the two biggest trends in the technology industry--the cloud and mobility--are converging. The platform they are combining to create will infuse more intelligence into the world around us and lower the barriers to entry into the global economy. More people will have more access to more information than ever before."

Did you get the part about cloud and mobility converging.   

We can remember a few years back when our PC centric friends couldn't understand why the kids were not getting laptops and seemed to be using there phones for GASP, surfin the Intertubes. Hopefully you are aware of how important mobile is now to the whole world of commerce.   To that we're seeing two biggest trends our times turn and then together form a third wave that this convergence will commence is something that most of us cannot yet fathom.

In surfin, we say Outside Wave.    Well   OUTSIDE, OUTSIDE OUTSIDE

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Youtube of Google Cloud Talk

Dot Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform Built On Cloud Computing � Windows Fanatics

Dot Cloud: The 21st Century Business Platform Built On Cloud Computing � Windows Fanatics:

"According to Jim Sinur, Vice President of Gartner, “To say that we are living in interesting times is an understatement, and Peter has captured the essence of how business will work going forward. Dot Cloud is both visionary and realistic in that each of the pieces of the vision have working examples today, but not woven together like in this writing. The goal of the virtual business platform is not just a dream, but attainable once all the contributing pieces are brought together. Peter brings them together here in a way that will work under any number of situations, across just about any industry.”

Gregory Simpson, Chief Technology Officer of GE, remarked, “Dot Cloud isn’t just about the Cloud; it’s really about embracing change in the workplace. It pulls together elements of Web 2.0, BPM, and other dreaded three-letter acronyms, as well social and economic trends, to give you a vision for how harnessing the Cloud can transform the way your company works. Peter’s unique ability to pull all of these concepts together in an understandable fashion make this a business book for the future, and the future is now!”"

This is an exelcent article and it sums up what will soon be mountains of posts, videos and other 2.0uggets

BTW please visit the original site for other great articles.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to the Cloud

What happens when you mash up a whole bunch of Geo Centicwebsite with blogers, fourms, twitters and they are all connected together.You Get a local Cloud of course.   A what......

Cloud computing is a paradigm shift following the shift from mainframe to client–server in the early 1980s. Details are abstracted from the users, who no longer have need for expertise in, or control over, the technology infrastructure "in the cloud" that supports them

What this is all getting at is that the world is shifting again, sure a few of you are sill old enough to remember a time without the Internerworks and like that time like now is over. ((((((Get over it)))))  By tomorrow in internetwork time every kid will be doing all of their computing off the cloud and receiving entertainment from  Hey how about cloud legal services .  And! why not it is the most efficient way to communicate that we have today.     

We hope that this blog will be one of the places that you turn to when you are looking for more information about the Business of Cloud Computing and besides we're not just blogging about it!

Hastatus along with the HelpEarth Foundation are pleased to announce the launch of the Metropolitan Cloud

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