Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How big is the Cloud? It can cause waves!

According to Gardner June 22, 2010 Press Release........Gartner Says Worldwide Cloud Services Market to Surpass $68 Billion in 2010
"We are seeing an acceleration of adoption of cloud computing and cloud services among enterprises and an explosion of supply-side activity as technology providers maneuver to exploit the growing commercial opportunity," said Ben Pring, research vice president at Gartner. "The scale of application deployments is growing; multi-thousand-seat deals are increasingly common. IT managers are thinking strategically about cloud service deployments; more-progressive enterprises are thinking through what their IT operations will look like in a world of increasing cloud service leverage. This was highly unusual a year ago."

Link to Gardner

That number is big enough to impress us.  If your not planning some cloud presence then you might want to ask why so many other companies and governments are moving their whole computing operations on to it.

According to Forbes "Today the two biggest trends in the technology industry--the cloud and mobility--are converging. The platform they are combining to create will infuse more intelligence into the world around us and lower the barriers to entry into the global economy. More people will have more access to more information than ever before."

Did you get the part about cloud and mobility converging.   

We can remember a few years back when our PC centric friends couldn't understand why the kids were not getting laptops and seemed to be using there phones for GASP, surfin the Intertubes. Hopefully you are aware of how important mobile is now to the whole world of commerce.   To that we're seeing two biggest trends our times turn and then together form a third wave that this convergence will commence is something that most of us cannot yet fathom.

In surfin, we say Outside Wave.    Well   OUTSIDE, OUTSIDE OUTSIDE

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