Tuesday, October 8, 2013

So Cloud data centers need to have internal weather built into operational planning?

So it was only a couple of months ago that we first got a report of Facebook's Prineville, Oregon Data Center experienced rain clouds

And, now Venture Beat is reporting:

The NSA’s major Utah data center is suffering from a unique data center sickness, what one official calls “lightning inside a two-foot box.Read more at http://venturebeat.com/2013/10/08/nsa-utah-surges/#yRzjljQOlldKTqo1.99

It might be something to do with all the electric and how Data Centers are not to different from Coast lines who knows for sure right now; However as we have more Data Centers going online it seems to be an issue that will be import to the Business of Cloud Computing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What does the Gov shut down mean for Cloud Computing.

The last time the Goverment shut down only a handful of people even had emails and today with the complex computing system in place let alone the Cloud we really stand to learn new benchmarks as to what it means to shut down the government.

At the Federal Emergency Management Agency, for instance, all but about 150 out of roughly 2,000 IT operations employees and engineers were told not to come to work if Congress fails to pass a funding resolution and the government shuts down Tuesday, according to a source familiar with FEMA's operations. Whether that skeletal crew is able to maintain all of FEMA's systems should the shutdown last more than a few days, especially in the event of a cyber breach, is a real concern, the source said.  Information Week
These next few days (please don't let it be longer) should prove interesting and the role of the cloud and governmental computing will be tested in a way I pretty sure few had predicted, i.e. the gov pulling it's own plug.   So we'll all have to wait and see what are the ramifications for the agencies and services that have ported over to being cloud based verses those that have much of their infrastructure  in-house or collocated --not on the cloud.

May you live in interesting times I believe is the expression.  And we have to say that we are....

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NASA Falls Short On Data Security In The Cloud Adoption

So we've seem to hit a snag in the Federal Agency adoption of Cloud. NASA’s Office of the Inspector General states that there is a dire need to strengthen the practices observed for the security of its information technology.

NASA Falls Short On Data Security In The Cloud Adoption

From the looks of it, the onus on really on NASA since they didn't have a migration plan in place and the security surrounding their cloud deployments was well below standard OPs and there is really nothing new about this. Since Bad planning makes for bad deployment.   #Justsaying

Friday, June 21, 2013

Is the cloud starting to grow-up, this effort seems like an attempt to make it happen.

So there is lots of news about the cloud given the relations of the government role in collecting data and the recent announcement that Amazon is building a priviate Cloud for the GOV.   So while theses are important issue that we need to talk about. The real work of the cloud is getting standards and interoperability of service providers  a member of the Cloud Computing Facebook group. Posted a link to something that caught my attention. 

To increase the cost effectiveness of a process execution and to avoid vendor locking, the Business Process as a Service and Cloud BPM solutions are being adopted to create a network amongst employees, partners, distributors,suppliers and others in the business ecosphere to deliver high value process outcomes. While enterprises across the globe are looking forward to breed the business process services into their current work scenarios, BPaaS and Cloud BPM providers look forward to gain better competitive advantage in the emerging market by creating multi-process platform that provides a complete solution for all business processes.

The idea seem to be pretty simple which perhaps gives this a fighting chance as startands and protocols are still be developed in Cloud Computing world, this will be interesting to watch and participate in since lockouts don't just happen to Union Workers.