Friday, June 21, 2013

Is the cloud starting to grow-up, this effort seems like an attempt to make it happen.

So there is lots of news about the cloud given the relations of the government role in collecting data and the recent announcement that Amazon is building a priviate Cloud for the GOV.   So while theses are important issue that we need to talk about. The real work of the cloud is getting standards and interoperability of service providers  a member of the Cloud Computing Facebook group. Posted a link to something that caught my attention. 

To increase the cost effectiveness of a process execution and to avoid vendor locking, the Business Process as a Service and Cloud BPM solutions are being adopted to create a network amongst employees, partners, distributors,suppliers and others in the business ecosphere to deliver high value process outcomes. While enterprises across the globe are looking forward to breed the business process services into their current work scenarios, BPaaS and Cloud BPM providers look forward to gain better competitive advantage in the emerging market by creating multi-process platform that provides a complete solution for all business processes.

The idea seem to be pretty simple which perhaps gives this a fighting chance as startands and protocols are still be developed in Cloud Computing world, this will be interesting to watch and participate in since lockouts don't just happen to Union Workers.  

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