Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Will the 2012 campaigns embrase the cloud

With the upcoming 2012 campaign cycle starting to move into gear, the big question out there is well social media, which is 100 percent cloud based, entice campaigns to use the cloud for more of their electioneering and campaign computing functions. Which all of the big ones totally rely on a host of tech folks that drive the botton line of campaigning up.

Having worked on campaigns since 1979 right up till 2008 as a political hack, I know as much about the state of campaigns as anyone and don't take it from me.  The Chief of Staff for  the speaker of the House  when asked, by me,  at the Mobile Citizen Summit in Friendship Heights about the readiness of campaigns to do more then established a presence on Facebook or Twitter seems pretty clear that in his opinion they weren't.

I have say there is going to be opportunities and some train wreaks. 

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