Thursday, August 18, 2011

Where's the Cloud now?

So lost in all the turmoil of late, see economy, is the fact that the use of Cloud Computing is being coming the norm and perhaps that's a good things.  Having done Advance for the White House I knew my roles was to stay in the background and make sure that everything is running smoothly and reacting to any changes which comes in treble at the WH level.  So like Advance Staff everywhere that is doing their job, the cloud is doing it's and you don't even notice.

Now if this story is correct

Everything Everywhere cloud computing project will have implications for an industry - Inside Outsourcing 

We'll see the future of this Cloud as a bench mark for firms that have not yet made the switch and when these legal shops, accounting firms and consultant based business make the move to the cloud.  That will be the real catapult point for the Cloud into every day computing.

Why?  The shear number of employees in these industries that use laptop, smartphone and home computers will wave that carries the Cloud to the massess since these are the masses with a higher credit rating then most and hence able and willing to pay the service fees for freeing them from the old ways of computering and pay they will.

Just saying and keep on eye on them clouds. It could mean change

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