Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is the US already behind in Cloud Computing

Like some many thing that reach a crital mass here in the States only to be dragged across a border and improved and then imported back into the States Cloud Computing or the disruptive business that come form adopting the Cloud may already be slipping across our boarders - that might be a good thing!

It seem's pretty clear we don't have an American Cloud Computing Strategy?  As we are already seeing the foundation business of Cloud being established and new platforms like Distribution as a Service #DaaS, Backup as a Service #BaaS ~who know's since we're just started.

What we do know is that if we don't carry these new business we'll never get anywhere let alone be competitive in a global market place. Why is this important you ask, well just take a look at Europe and what they as a State are doing to help themselves.
"As a next step, industry will come forward with a research agenda for Factories of the Future in Horizon 2020. An important first step has been made on the ICT side by project ActionPlanT. Under the ICT Theme’s work programme 2013, the European Commission will launch Cloud Computing experiments to support the take-up of cloud-based applications by the manufacturing industry, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises.
If you are interested to know more or to get involved more actively, you can take a look at the European Cloud Computing Strategy or visit our Factories of the Future’s webpage ."  BLOG
The game has changed and we don't have a development league let alone a strategy as banks don't lend and VC can't lead a Nation. The GOV is the only option and it's people aren't even sure if they can post on a Facebook wall let alone come up with a strategy for a factories of the future.  We are at a cross roads (like a town deciding that they don't want a telegraph line or rail line) and the US.GOV if it want's to be part of the future better step up, suit up and back up US Businesses we have left.

Now for that good thing~ it's kinda tongue and cheek-- the nature of the Cloud and the sophomoric love of free markets unhindered by said GOV, which is a view held by many,  might ensure that we can finally lay Lassie Affair economics to bed since every other Nation contributes to it's own~ save third world religious anti government regimes, which the US it not RIGHT?

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