Saturday, February 1, 2014

Is 2014 the year that the boss understands the Cloud?

So just for the sake of this blog let's say that most of the IT department is on the Cloud Band Wagon. All of social media is which means even grandparents know about the importance of it, This then begs the question is does the C-Suite know? 

Sure the CIO or CKO have some clue or should IMHO however does the CEO know? This is an important question and the entire organization needs to get a sign from the CEO has leader that they have some basic understanding of the power and impact that the Cloud is having on not just an individual company it is changing industries and everyone job in them. 

Take it from an former ISP owner change happens and the Cloud makes Moores law look like it describing slow motion;  So making it part of the conversation from the Board Room to the show room is the CEOs job and this is the year to get it done. 

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