Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What happens when Google Docs fail.

Guess what sooner or later you will see this instead of your document.

And it raises some serious questions.

I know many folks in SMEM, CrisisData, and heck anyone using - cloud documents for that matter- all have come accustomed to it being there now.  I myself have laughed at the notion of of using some old fashion local stored documents. And, of course  back, in the day "prefacebook"   I would have never considering having my core documents stored outside of a firewall let alone the application running or my whole infrastructure for that matter.

So here we are today and for the project this was coordinating many people are now sitting around waiting for Google.

I have gone about the process of alerting customers services~ as you will  have to do. Overall it seems pretty simple. Now we wait. .

I don't know yet what others on non Google clouds have faced in similar situations. If anyone knows of one please leave a comment with a link or some details.  So far IMHO if you are dealing in a crisis or mission critical part or your work entails collaboration on cloud as part of the plan.  Be prepared is all I can say.
"We are going to need to have backup plans in place for blackholes on the cloud".  
Document, app, software cloud just disappear so we need to arranged for some kind of Cloud Backup as soon as your rely on the cloud to host, provide or be of  service. This is advisable for most business and all emergency responders that use these tools to serve the public. 


So far not impressed with Google's response to this we have sent three different notices and not even one reply form them that they got, looked at it or even know this issue exist. We even gotten on their twitter feed @googledocs.  IDK maybe they're all at #SXSW.  I see them tweeting about it. 

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